Commercial Real Estate Appraisals

Glen Cowan and Associates provides consulting services and real estate appraisals for all types of commercial and industrial projects, multi-family developments (both rental and strata properties), hotels and motels, mobile home parks, seniors and supporting housing, specialized properties, development land, lot pricing, etc.

Our valuation work for mortgage financing is accepted by all major lending institutions on a nation-wide basis. Market value appraisals are also completed for purchase/sale, mortgage foreclosure, matrimonial settlements, assessment appeals, valuation day, insurance claims, and year end portfolio purposes, etc.

Litigation Support & Expert Witness Services

Glen Cowan & Associates is experienced in litigation support and expert witness services. We specialize in forensic appraising and dispute resolution. We work with virtually all legal and accounting firms. We have been involved in market lease negotiations, arbitrations, market value disputes, expropriation negotiations, expert report reviews, etc. Our senior team has provided expert testimony in both judicial and quasi-judicial proceedings.

Tax Assessment Appeals

Glen Cowan and Associates provides consultation and advocacy services to owners and users of real estate properties in order to verify the accuracy of property assessment data. We conduct negotiations with municipal assessment departments as well as give evidence in assessment appeal hearings.

Consulting Services

At Glen Cowan and Associates we provide a wide range of consulting services including, but not limited to: feasibility studies, market lease/rent studies, investment & cost analysis, market analysis, litigation support including expert advice & witness testimony services, arbitration, highest & best use analysis, financial analysis, expropriation, absorption studies, expert review  services, etc.

Reserve Fund Studies

Reserve Fund Studies for condominium projects are an invaluable tool which enables condominium unit owners, boards and property managers to anticipate maintenance costs for items under the responsibility of the condominium association, which will be incurred and establish appropriate financial plans so that anticipated obligations can be met.

CanWest Reserve Planners and Insurance Appraisers believes this represents more than a physical review of the property but also requires a detailed analysis of the historical financial performance of the project with these two aspects forming the basis for future planning. Accordingly, background in both construction costing and real estate financial analysis is critical.

Insurance Appraisals

Through continual monitoring of construction costing for all property types, through appraisals and cost studies, Glen Cowan and Associates is able to provide insurance appraisals for all types of real estate.