The Company

Glen Cowan & Associates Real Property Appraisals Ltd., formerly Dezman Cowan Real Property Appraisal Ltd., was established in June 1996. Both principals were formerly with Gettel & Dezman Appraisal Consultants Ltd. This firm provided appraisal and real estate consulting services to the City of Edmonton and Alberta market as a whole since the fall of 1981. Glen Cowan, B. Comm., AACI is the founding principal of the company having practiced commercial real estate appraisal in Edmonton since 1988. Ed Jackson, B. Sc., AACI joined the company in 1999 and became a principal in 2006. A complement of eight professional appraisers and support staff make up the balance of the company. The services provided have expanded to include market appraisal functions, insurance appraisals, assessment appeals, real estate counseling, and market research/analysis. Glen Cowan & Associates is an information systems oriented firm and place considerable emphasis on market research. One of our basic philosophies is that in-depth market knowledge allows us to adequately interpret market direction ahead of time as opposed to following historic trends. In addition to the City of Edmonton, an extensive data bank on all communities and rural municipalities throughout Alberta is maintained and continually updated.

Professional Services

“Risk” has been defined as the difference between expectations and realizations. Glen Cowan & Associates offer new and existing clients a high level of competency, insight and expertise in virtually all facets of the real estate industry, in turn, minimizing the “risk” involved in making real estate investment decisions. The following will highlight the various services which the company provides:


Glen Cowan & Associates Real Property Appraisals Ltd. is active in the valuation of all types of investment real estate in Northern and Central Alberta, Northeast B.C. as well as Saskatchewan. The firm has expertise in the appraisal of all types of commercial and industrial projects, multi-family projects, hotels and motels, mobile home parks, vacant land including residential, industrial, commercial development and lot pricing. Our valuation work for mortgage financing is accepted by virtually all major lending institutions on a province wide basis. Market value appraisals are also completed for purchase/sale, mortgage foreclosure, matrimonial settlements, assessment appeals, valuation day, insurance claims, and year end portfolio purposes.

Assessment Appeals

Glen Cowan & Associates has successfully appealed real estate and business assessments throughout northern Alberta involving all property types ranging from conventional apartments and warehouses to unique properties such as institutional and specialized facilities.

Insurance Appraisals

Through continual monitoring of construction costing for all property types, through appraisals and cost studies, the firm is able to provide insurance appraisals for all types of real estate.

Lease Arbitrations

The firm for several years has been active in lease arbitrations. The company’s emphasis on research has provided detailed knowledge in terms of vacancy levels, lease rates, levels of absorption, etc. in the Northern Alberta Market. The same research techniques have allowed us to enter alternate markets on a successful basis. We have and continue to act on behalf of both landlords and tenants.

Market Research and Analysis

Glen Cowan & Associates continually monitors various aspects of the City of Edmonton’s commercial markets, with particular emphasis placed on the office, retail and industrial sectors. Relative to each of these sectors, semi-annual and annual vacancy surveys have historically been completed in conjunction with an analysis of new construction, space absorption, lease rates, property acquisition and general market trends. This detailed and continual analysis of the markets allows us to analyze historic trends and interpret future market direction. This extensive database has enabled the firm to provide consulting services relating to the preparation of feasibility studies, absorption studies, highest and best use analyses, lease rate surveys/forecasts, etc. Our extensive province wide data bank has enabled the firm to provide similar services to virtually all other communities throughout Alberta.

Real Estate Counseling

Our in-depth knowledge of the City of Edmonton markets has enabled the firm to expand our services to include real estate counseling, with particular emphasis placed upon property acquisition. Once a client’s objectives are defined, we will assist that client in determining which sector of the market presents the least risk or greatest upside and will outline a number of investment opportunities. Recommendations and support analysis will also be provided pertaining to the best investment opportunity available. Our real estate counseling services relate to developed properties as well as vacant land and are of special interest to investors who are not totally familiar with the Edmonton market. A unique feature of this service is the on-going support information provided once an investment has been acquired.

Client List

Our clients include:

  • Canada’s five major banks
  • All major Trust Companies
  • Numerous local and national development companies
  • Numerous Alberta based investors
  • Various life insurance companies
  • Federal Government of Canada
  • Various Provincial Government departments
  • A large number of urban and rural municipalities
  • The majority of Edmonton’s most prominent law firms
  • Various local and national accounting firms
  • Pension funds
  • Various corporate clients


Glen Cowan & Associates Real Property Appraisals Ltd. is a diversified and multi-faceted real estate consulting firm active in virtually all sectors of the market. On-going training, continuing education, computer awareness and emphasis on research means responsive and up-to-date service to clients. Members of the firm are involved in a number of professional organizations including the Appraisal Institute of Canada, Alberta and Saskatchewan Associations of the Appraisal Institute of Canada, Real Estate Institute of Canada, etc. Our direct involvement with these organizations enables the firm to keep abreast of current market trends.